Employee Centric Business Model

Our unique employee centric business model (pictured right) has helped us to grow from a single person operation to a world class manufacturing firm with over 40 employees. This business model focuses on giving our employees the interpersonal and technical tools to help them succeed. Our focus on the ‘who’ is a differentiator that gives Westminster a distinct competitive advantage. Any one of our competitors can purchase the same equipment, software, or technology; however, Westminster employees utilize their training to maximize the effective use of these assets, providing value to our customers.

Westminster has implemented a variety of tools to help employees develop emotional intelligence continuously learn, and continuously improve. We invest heavily in these tools so that we can continue to provide value to our customers.

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Emotional Intelligence:

The foundation of our people centric business model relies on having a culture where employees embrace working in a dynamic environment and utilize emotional intelligence when working collaboratively.

Our dynamic environment allows us to be nimble; we are able to shift our resources, both personnel and equipment, to meet customer and industry demands.

Working in a dynamic environment requires employees to be emotionally intelligent, Westminster is dedicated to developing individuals who communicate well with others, work as a team, embrace all styles of learning, and are able to focus on the solutions that bring the most value to our customer.

Continuous Learning:

Learning is vital to our organization; whether someone has 30 years of experience or 30 days there is always an opportunity to learn something new. As employees learn new technologies, skills, and concepts, this knowledge is filtered through a systematic process that drives continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Learning at Westminster Tool does not exclusively focus on technical skills. Through our internal training program, Westminster Academy, we focus on teaching interpersonal skills to facilitate a team oriented work environment. Ultimately, Westminster Academy builds a foundation of emotional intelligence and a culture of continuous learning to provide comprehensive training in advanced manufacturing.

Continuous Improvement:

Westminster has embraced the principles of lean culture to eliminate waste and provide ever increasing value to our customers. It is each employee’s responsibility to come up with an improvement per day. These improvements are then documented and shared with other team members. The documentation and sharing of these improvements allows other employees to adapt improvements and integrate them into their own work processes. Over time, this incremental approach to continuous improvement has resulted in reduced waste, increased efficiency, and the uniform adoption of a lean business culture.