Leading Internal Training Program

Westminster Academy is an industry leading internal training program created to address the manufacturing industry skills gap. Since implementing this curriculum, Westminster has achieved a distinct competitive advantage in developing human capital. Based on a philosophy of continuous learning, the program utilizes both internal and external knowledge sources to expand our expertise and deliver increased value to our customers.

We work with a non-profit organization, EAMA, to collaborate with other manufacturers, local academia, and technical high schools to ensure there are educational programs to support local employment needs. This collaboration has resulted in Eastern Connecticut’s first Advanced Manufacturing Certificate program taught at a local community college, Quinebaug Valley Community College. Through enrollment of all entry-level machinists, Westminster utilizes this program as the foundation of our academy;

This approach establishes a standard skill set in advanced manufacturing to be built upon throughout the employee’s career.
Westminster Academy

“Your challenges are unique – so are our solutions”.

Westminster Academy is not limited to CNC Machining and tool making; we also provide training in production, project management, and design. All training for the Academy was developed by our entry-level employees. They were tasked with documenting all of the on-the-job training that they were receiving from our industry veterans. The success of this approach is evident; the time it takes a new hire to become productive has been reduced substantially. Additionally, the number of manufacturing defects have been reduced. We have attributed this reduction to having our training program documented by entry level personnel.

The investment in Westminster Academy has paid off. We have a responsive workforce that is able to shift, or increase talent based on the needs of our customer or industry demands while helping us achieve our motto, “Your challenges are unique – so are our solutions”.