Engineered Applications

Technology, Development, and Innovation

Westminster is a leader not a follower when it comes to technology development and innovation. Our Engineered Applications division leverages our experience in a multitude of advanced manufacturing technologies to provide our customers with value through the development of complete manufacturing solutions.

Our experienced team of engineers can lead or support initial concept feasibility to rapidly determine a practical production solution. Our skilled manufacturing team utilizes expertise in advanced manufacturing to bring the solution to realization. Westminster’s engineering and design team have continuously succeeded in integrating traditional tool designs into customized work cells.

Our Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions Include:

  • Injection Mold Systems: By applying our experience in injection mold building, thermoplastic production, and a systematic approach to lean manufacturing, Westminster can offer customized injection molding cells that meet a wide variety of customer driven requirements. These customized cells involve the integration of design for manufacturing services, innovative process controls, and production automation to provide solutions to our customers’ unique challenges.
  • RTM Manufacturing Cells: Westminster has successfully partnered with our composite manufacturing customers to design, fabricate, and qualify innovative resin transfer molding cells.   These cells offer significant advantages to traditional RTM manufacturing methods, including reduced cycle time, improved consistency, and reduced overall equipment footprint.
  • Metal Machining Cells: Westminster’s novel approach to automated manufacturing of complex metallic parts has yielded significant part cost reductions while increasing throughput and maintaining part quality for a variety of high performance metallic materials.

Metal to Plastic Conversion Services:

There are many benefits of converting a metal product to plastics including:

  • Reduced Unit Cost
  • Increased Production Rate
  • Weight Reduction
  • Reduced Component Count
  • Increased Performance for Select Properties

Westminster has established partnerships with industry leading raw material suppliers to identify cutting edge, high performance thermoplastics as metal replacements for an ever expanding range of applications. Our design team has extensive experience in the redesign of metallic parts and assemblies for production via injection molding. We can also offer assistance with material prove-out and qualification activities that may be required to convert existing parts from a metallic to an injection molded thermoplastic solution.

Work Cell Tooling